Contract Growing


We are the second largest* and most innovative poultry integrator in the Philippines. With a large network of contract growing (poultry farming) partners nationwide, we cater to an ever-burgeoning market for high-quality chicken.

Win-Win Situation

We provide you with the birds, technical expertise, and feed; while you supply the labor, utilities, and housing. This framework has proven to be mutually efficient and beneficial.

Pioneering Work

As we embark on an intensified Antibiotic Stewardship program, you become a force in preventing antimicrobial resistance (AMR), a looming global health threat.

Advance Payment Scheme

With our Chick In, Check In payment scheme, our contract growing partners are assured of payment even before they are given chicks to grow.


Contract growing (CG) is a partnership between the company and independent poultry farmers. An industry standard, contract growing ensures efficiency in raising high-quality chicken.

Many of our contract growers have been collaborating with us for decades, earning for themselves the badge of being our partners in success.

  • With brands such as Chooks-to-Go and Uling Roasters, BAVI is the market leader in the rotisserie chicken industry. This ensures stability and business continuity among CG partners, who supply chicken for these retail chains.
  • Upon signing up for our Antibiotic Stewardship program, CG partners effectively become a major force in preventing antimicrobial resistance (AMR) among Filipino consumers.
  • BAVI takes prides in its fast and efficient payment schemes for CG partners. We take to heart our partners’ concerns and want to be proactive in honoring our commitment to them.

Payment is based on a competitive payment scheme, which includes base fees, performance incentives, and guarantees.

Our CG partners also enjoy our advance payment program — “ Chick In, Check In” — ensuring funds for farm operation expenses every cycle, and peace of mind for our partners.

CG partners provide a complete and secured poultry facility. This includes a land far from residential areas, modern-type building and equipment, electricity, water, fence, internet, CCTV, and labor. A cash bond will also be needed.

Bounty provides high-quality day-old chicks, feeds, medicines, and vaccines.

The company also provides housing design consultation, a commitment letter to financial institutions for start-up investors, and technical assistance in broiler production once the facility is already operational.

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You may also contact our Contract Growing coordinators:

Luzon: 0919 913 3253
Visayas: 0917 534 8085
Mindanao: 0933 824 6470



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You may also call our Contract Growing coordinators:

Luzon: 0919 913 3253
Visayas: 0917 534 8085
Mindanao: 0933 824 6470

    * With Bounty Fresh Foods, Inc. (BFFI)