IDEAHUB is the official web portal of the Ideas to Improve (i2i) Program, which aims to foster Continuous Improvement in BAVI.






Benchmarking is the process of comparing your own organization, its operations or processes against other organizations in your industry or in the broader marketplace.

5S (Good Housekeeping)

5S (Good Housekeeping)

5S is a methodology that results in a workplace that is clean, uncluttered, safe, and well organized to help reduce waste and optimize productivity.



A Japanese term meaning “change for the better”, Kaizen is a business philosophy on the processes that continuously improve operations and involve all employees.


The Ideas-to-Improve (i2i) program was initiated by the MCS Process Improvement Team of the Compliance Support Center in August 2020.

The program was conceptualized in alignment with the Investors in People (IIP) accreditation indicator on delivering continuous improvement, which enables an organization to foster “a culture that encourages innovation.”

The i2i Program aims to provide more opportunities to improve and further embed continuous improvement in BAVI’s culture. Every employee will be encouraged to submit ideas for improvement and these ideas will be acknowledged, considered for implementation, and recognized.

The program’s ultimate goal is to generate more involvement from the workforce in increasing the rate of the organization’s improvement through “kaizen” efforts—small, incremental changes that can improve productivity, reduce waste, and eliminate unnecessary hard work.

Benchmarking and 5S will serve as the foundation of the Kaizen program.

The i2i Program introduces the concepts of Benchmarking and 5S (Good Housekeeping) to enhance discipline and visual management of participating team departments through the leadership of Kaizen Champions.

Kaizen Champions are selected employees from different areas or department of BAVI. Proving they are passionate in volunteering and executing their ideas, they were recommended by their respective department heads to be part of the BAVI’s kaizen circle.

The Kaizen Champions team will lead and assist the whole organization in implementing the three guiding principles and further facilitate continuous improvement efforts in the organization. A rewards and recognition system is also conceptualized to recognize the leadership of Kaizen Champions team and employees who will participate in the program activities.

  • Amira May Cajote-Estrellado (Compliance)
  • Jay-R Wabingga (Compliance)
  • Earl Daniele Abuy (Zamboanga)
  • Kier Jason Fernandez (Zamboanga)
  • Trixia Mona Abad (Davao)
  • Ezra-Vera Flroes (Cental Luzon)
  • Kevin Culala (Central Luzon)
  • Mel-Jon Olegario (ISSC)
  • Jan Lester Perena (Pangasinan)
  • Santiago Zantua (Bicol)
  • Sterwyn Rex Ciubal (Iloilo)
  • Henry Ben Hermosura (Marketing)
  • Jason Sales (STAG)
  • Elizabeth Nosdo (General Santos)
  • Iryn Beatrice Panga (Bicol)
  • Armand Louis Ferrer (Product Development)
  • Aeblyn Joy Aggabao (Product Development)
  • Romnick Rafanan (Pangasinan)
  • Francis Alcantara (Supply Chain Management)
  • Gaudencio Jr. Vergaño (Dumaguete)
  • Avelino Jr. Atienza (Supply Chain Management)
  • Luz Bonifacio (Roxas)
  • Donna May Barrios (Roxas)
  • Lourdes Bahian (Feed Milling)
  • Hanz Artugue (Ozamiz)
  • Arnold Ilagan (Finance)
  • Ferry Mendiogarin (Finance)

All BAVI employees are invited to participate in the i2i Program. Here are the ways you can help our company to improve continuously:

  • Submit an idea you’d like to be featured in this i2i Program web portal.
  • Implement a 5S program for your area by first conducting an initial observation on the area, and then accomplish this online form.
  • Recommend a special project for improvement or take part in other activities of the program. Do this by directly inquiring and coordinating with your department’s Kaizen Champion or with the MCS Process Improvement Team.



Jerico Ferrer
Compliance Support Center